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19th January 2002

Adams calls on Blair to `rein in securocrats'

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP speaking during a special day long meeting of the party's Ard Chomhairle in Navan today has demanded that British Prime Minister Tony Blair `rein in his securocrats to bring an end to the ongoing loyalist murder campaign.' Mr. Adams said:

``Today's special Ard Chomhairle meeting in Navan dealt with two main issues. Firstly the outstanding matters under the Good Friday Agreement, including the tolerance by the British government of the loyalist murder campaign; their refusal to demilitarise and the issue of policing and how it is being badly handled. Secondly, a discussion paper was tabled regarding our broad strategy of moving towards Irish unity.

``The Ard Chomhairle welcomed yesterdays demonstrations across the Six Counties and also reflected the deep anger felt by nationalists and republicans at how the British government has handled the issue of loyalist violence. There have been over 300 bomb attacks, countless gun attacks and many people killed and injured. This situation is intolerable given the well-documented connections between agencies of the British state and loyalist organisations.

``For many people the litmus test of Britain's attitude to the peace process will be how they handle this matter. On Monday I will be meeting with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and I will demand that he rein in his securocrats to bring an end to the ongoing loyalist murder campaign.''

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