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21st May 2002

Sinn Fein TDs to meet on Thursday

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP today announced that the Sinn Fein TDs, MPs and the party's Officer Board will be meeting on Thursday to discuss Sinn Fein's approach to the new Dail. Mr. Adams said:

``All of the issues which confronted people during this election campaign will only be resolved through innovative and committed action. There is a democratic imperative on those of us who want to bring about change to work together to bring this about.

``The last five years were marked by a failure, during a time of unprecedented economic prosperity, to tackle the structural inequalities which warp our economy and damage our society. Our commitment is to ensure that this never happens again and that the issue of equality is brought to the heart of the political agenda.

``On Thursday Sinn Fein's TDs, MPs and the party's Officer Board will meet to discuss our approach to the new Dail term and over the next week we will be seeking to meet with all of the other parties in Leinster House.''

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