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22nd January 2002

Fine Gael and Incinerators - SF

Sinn Fein Election candidate Vincent Wood has welcomed comments by Roscommon Fine Geal Deputy Dennis Naughton in relation to the Connaught Waste Management Plan. In a statement last week Deputy Naughton stated that incineration should not be part of the Connaught waste strategy and that the consultants had grossly underestimated the recycling targets that could be achieved.

Mr. Wood said. ``I welcome Deputy Naughton's comments in relation to the Connaught Waste Management Plan and I hope he will convey those views to both his party leader Michael Noonan and Alan Dukes who are both staunch supporters of the incineration industry. Despite what might be said by Deputy Naughton and his party colleagues at local level, the fact of the matter is that Fine Gael are seriously contemplating introducing incineration if they find themselves in Government after the next election.

``Numerous representations have been made by Environmental groups and NGO's to the leadership of Fine Gael in relation to the Incineration issue, but so far they have failed to illicit an answer from the party's hierarchy. There is a moral obligation upon the leadership of Fine Gael to tell the people of Connaught what exactly their policy is in relation to Incineration and the waste issue in general. In light of Deputy Naughton's comments there is a very clear divergence of opinion between him and the party leadership. In any event the Electorate are entitled know where exactly Fine Gael stand on this issue.

``It is clear where Sinn Fein stand and that is we are totally opposed to incinerators. We remain at the forefront of opposition to the Connaught waste plan as currently constituted and want to see a more rigorous and proactive approach by government to encourage recycling.'' He said.

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