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22nd February 2002

Adams calls on McDowell to withdraw comments

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP speaking prior to addressing a party conference `Advancing the all-Ireland Agenda' said that ``last nights comments from the Attorney General Michael McDowell were deplorable and he called on him to withdraw his remarks.'' Mr. Adams said:

``In my dealings with the Attorney General in recent years I have found him to be even handed, balanced and helpful. The Attorney General's remarks last night have been interpreted as aimed at Sinn Fein. For him to say that Sinn Fein has no moral or constitutional right to seek election is deplorable and outrageous.

``Michael McDowell's statement is the most worrying statement I have heard in recent times and goes further than the most rabid comments from members of the DUP or anti-agreement unionists. All politicians say things that they may later regret. I am calling on Michael McDowell to withdraw his remarks.''

Mr. Adams will be available to talk to the media at 2pm at the Ardboyne Hotel in Navan.

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