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22 April 2002

Anti Toll Petition submitted to NRA

On Wednesday 24th April David Cullinane, Sinn Fein General Election Candidate for Waterford will submit a 5000 strong petition, opposing the introduction of a toll on the planned second river crossing for Waterford to the National Roads Authority (N.R.A.) David Cullinane said:

``This petition is the result of weeks of knocking on doors and explaining to people our concerns in relation to any toll. We believe the introduction of such a toll would represent a blatant double taxation on the people of Waterford and its environs. It is a disgraceful economic strategy which serves no purpose only to create traffic bottle necks at poll pay points and financially benefit the toll bridge provider.''

``The people of Waterford deserve better. After a decade when Waterford motorists have endured wasted hours queuing to get across one bridge into the city, we are now expected to pay at the gate at the long overdue second bridge. The introduction of such a toll will be inevitable if this government is returned to power.''

``Sinn Fein and the people of Waterford are sending a very strong message to this Government. The ordinary motorists must not be scapegoated to pay for an essential service that should be provided to people without charge.

Is Waterford again to lose out because of the cowardice of our government TD's who have consistently misrepresented Waterford. That is the stark choice now facing the people of Waterford''

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