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25th January 2002

Bed Crisis in Cork Hospitals needs Immediate Attention

Cork North Central Election Candidate, Cllr. Jonathan O Brien is to make urgent representations to the Southern Health Board about the bed crisis in Cork after being contacted by angry patients.

Jonathan O Brien said: `` On Monday of this week a constituent - a public patient - was admitted to the Mercy Hospital, Cork. Nursing staff were unable to find a bed for her. She was placed on a trolley in the corridor. She was attached to a drip for pain relief.

She lay there all of Tuesday. She could not be medically treated because there was no bed for her.

On Wednesday a bed was identified for her. However it was felt that a very elderly women, with a severe head wound, and who herself had spent two days waiting in the corridor, was more in need of the bed.

On Thursday my constituent was asked to leave the trolley as it was needed for someone else. Still attached to the drip she spent the day on a bench. On Thursday evening she was offered a bed in the men's ward.

This patient is one of many public patients who are suffering under the two-tier health system, which operates in Ireland today. Hard-pressed medical staff are unable to treat patients due to lack of beds. 

It is all very well for Michael Martin to have ten-year plans. People are suffering now and more bed space is urgently needed. This is something that needs immediate attention and resources.''

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