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25th June 2002

Co-operation with PSNI must end - Morgan

Sinn Fein TD for Louth Arthur Morgan has called on the Minister for Justice Michael McDowell to bring an end to Garda co-operation with the PSNI. Deputy Morgan made his call following the recent revelations that exposed systematic collusion between the RUC and the British Army and loyalist murder gangs.

Deputy Morgan said: ``The revelations that emerged in the Panorama programmes over the last two weeks have been around for a long time. Nationalists and republicans have for years being calling for independent inquiries into the deaths of many Catholics/Nationalists who were killed by loyalists. It was always clear that there was British state collusion in these killings.

``The revelations provide vivid proof that Britain was an active participant and combatant in the conflict of the last 30 years. And in that conflict they aligned themselves with the most sectarian elements and indeed guided and oversaw a campaign of murder against Nationalists not only in the Six Counties but in the 26 Counties also.

``It was obvious going back as far as the Stalker Affair that there were elements within the top levels of the British Army, the RUC and Britain's Security Services who were determined that the truth would never come out. We had smear campaigns, suspicious fires, break-ins at top security installations and the killing of witnesses - all designed to protect those in authority who sanctioned Britain's state-sponsored murder campaign in the Six Counties.

``I am calling on the new Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell to bring to an end Garda co-operation with the PSNI until such time as these matters of grave concern are investigated properly and cleared up. We need an accountable, open and non-partisan police service that will serve the needs of all the people if we are to ensure these types of killings never happen again. A repackaged RUC continuing to serve the same interests is not acceptable.'' ENDS

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