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26th April 2002

`National' Development Finance Agency an election gimmick - Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP today dismissed Fianna Fáil's plans for a so-called "National" Development Finance Agency as an election gimmick and questioned whether Charlie McCreevy was attempting to set up a scapegoat for his Department should there be a downturn in the economy.

Mr. Adams said:

"Fianna Fáil's manifesto plan to establish a so-called "National" Development Finance Agency to oversee the raising of finance for infrastructural development is nothing more than an election gimmick.

"It is the government which has the statutory obligation to raise finance for infrastructural development. Mr. McCreevy's 'big idea' is obviously the work of a small band of profiteers who view future development only in terms of the profits that can be gained.

"Yesterday Fianna Fáil said that their policies won't create a two-tier society but their policies in government over the last five years have substantially widened the gap between rich and poor in Irish society. Only a few months ago Charlie McCreevy intervened to prevent the extension of the medical card eligibility. And it is more of the same that was promised yesterday. Is this what they mean by a kinder, gentler republicanism?"

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