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26th September 2002

Sinn Fein mounts intensive ground campaign to ensure defeat of Nice

Sinn Fein's Nice Treaty Campaign Director Daithí Doolan said that ``Sinn Fein is mounting an intensive ground campaign as part of an all-out effort to defeat the Nice Treaty for a second time. Our membership played a vital role in the defeat of the Treaty last year and they are eager to do so again.''. Mr. Doolan said:

``We are currently distributing over half a million newssheets on Nice along with tens of thousands of canvass cards and leaflets. We will be putting up approximately 7,000 posters and we are holding public meetings across the country. Gerry Adams will address a series of public meetings in Dublin on the 10th of October and in Galway City on the 11th and in Cork the following week.

``We are aware that we cannot outspend the YES campaign. But what will win this referendum is engaging with the people and informing them. This is what defeated the Treaty last time and this is what will do so again.

``Already we are getting encouraging feedback from local areas. People are angry about this Treaty. They are angry at the fundamentally undemocratic nature of a second referendum. They are concerned about the threats to neutrality and sovereignty outlined by my colleagues. They are worried about our diminishing voice in Europe. On top of that the people just don't trust this government anymore. Following the string of broken promises since the election, people are not going to be taken in a second time by half-truths and empty promises.

``At the launch of the Fianna Fáil campaign against Nice last year, Fianna Fáil General Secretary Martin Mackin said that what would count more than money spent on that campaign would be the work put in on the ground. He was right then and he is still right. The work we put in on the ground will ensure that on October 19th the Irish people will reject Nice for the second time.''

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