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29th January 2002

McLaughlin - DPP must filfil obligation under recent EU judgement

Sinn Fein MLA Mitchel McLaughlin has supported calls by the Pat Finucane Centre and the families of 9 Derry families for the Director of Public Prosecutions to fulfil his obligations under the terms of a recent European Court judgement.

The Sinn Fein spokesperson on Criminal Justice said:

The manner in which the DPP has dealt with the very reasonable requests of these families is indicative of all that is wrong with the criminal justice system in the north. For more than 30 years the `justice' system has been a component of the state's arsenal.

The decision on the 4th May 2001 by the European Court of Human Rights that Britain had violated the European Convention on Human Rights was proof of that. Sadly it appears that the DPP is unwilling or unable to accept this fact.

It is despicable that the DPP has dragged its feet in responding to the families concerned and I commend the families for their dignified and principled response to this appalling treatment.

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