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29th July 2002

UUP have questions to answer

Speaking today in Belfast, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said:

``The UUP leadership tells us that they have a moral dilemma - Reg Empey describes it as ` a terrible dilemma' - over sharing power with Sinn Fein.

``I am always very circumspect when politicians talk about moral dilemmas but if there is a moral imperative in anything that politicians are doing or should be doing it should be about ending all violence and about dealing with everyone on the basis of equality.

``The UUP needs to deal with the real dilemma facing catholics at this time. The catholic community and other people of goodwill want to know when the killing of Catholics is going to stop. They want to know when the UUP is going to join with the other pro-Agreement parties to confront sectarianism. The UUP has a responsibility to use its influence at this time to get the loyalist killing campaign stopped. They need to explain how their threat to tear down the political institutions will help to bring this about.

``The UUP sits on the Loyalist Commission - Sinn Fein support dialogue so I am not taking issue with them over this - though there is anger in among nationalists and republicans at the double standards involved in UUP protestations over Sinn Fein's rightful involvement in the Executive and the UUP's involvement in the Loyalist Commission.

``What the UUP needs to make clear is when the Loyalist Commission is going to announce that the killing of Catholics will end. The UUP and the British Government should be focusing on this.''

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