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29th July 2002

Tánaiste engaged in window dressing on motor insurance

Sinn Fein spokesperson on Consumer Affairs, Arthur Morgan TD has described the Tánaiste's new rules for motor insurance renewals, announced today, as `window dressing, which will do nothing to stop motorists being ripped off by the insurance industry in Ireland.'

Deputy Morgan said:

``The Tánaiste is making a big deal of the fact that motorists will be given at least 15 days notice to renew their policies so that they can shop around for more competitive quotes. The reality is that no matter how much time you have to shop around, especially if you are a young driver, the quotes, if you are quoted at all are very similar and prohibitive. Instead of tackling both the insurance industry and the legal profession the Tánaiste has chosen the easy option and has engaged in a process of window dressing, which will do nothing to stop motorists being ripped off by the insurance companies.

``Neither of these measures will do anything to reduce the cost of insurance to consumers. The government cannot pussy foot around this issue any longer. They must take on the massively profitable insurance companies and legal profession and force them to adopt measures, which will genuinely reduce costs for motorists.

``Serious consideration should be given to taking car insurance out of the private sector and establishing a state insurance company to ensure that car insurance is affordable and available to every resident in the State regardless of age, sex or marital status.''

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