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31ú Eanáir 2002

British Army Incursions must be halted

Sinn Fein Louth County Councillor Arthur Morgan has called on the Dublin government to immediately contact their British counterparts and demand an end to the ongoing illegal incursions of the British Army into this state. Sinn Fein today voiced our concerns with the Department of Foreign Affairs at a British Army incursion into Louth on Tuesday.

Councillor Morgan said:

``This week the British Army once again entered County Louth illegally.  On Tuesday a British Army helicopter flew almost seven miles south of the border as far as the Sportsmanhall area of the county. Between 12.50 and 1pm the helicopter hovered at a low level along the main railway line for 8 minutes before returning along the contour of the river.  This was noticed by many local people who contacted my office to complain.

``This has become a regular occurrence.  Late last year I highlighted the fact that British Army foot patrols entered Louth and remained in the county for a considerable amount of time.  That these instances continue to occur are an indictment of the Dublin government.

``The Taoiseach and the Minister for Foreign Affairs have a responsibility to raise these matters with their British counterparts to ensure that they cease immediately.'' ENDS

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