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2nd May 2003

Adams has no confidence in McDowell

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP this morning said that he has no confidence in Michael McDowell as a negotiatior either with the British government or the Unionists. He said that Mr. McDowell was wrong in how he described the Irish government role in the process. He said: `The Irish government are co-equal partners with the British government and they have a primary responsibility to uphold the rights of all Irish citizens. That means acting in Irish national interests and upholding Irish rights including, in particular at this time, the rights of citizens in the north.' Mr. Adams said:

``Mr. McDowell's protestations at the stopping of the election and the disenfranchisement of citizens are not credible.

``It is little wonder that the British government is so dismissive of the views of both the Taoiseach and all parties on the island, with the exception of the UUP, given Mr. McDowell's explanation of the Irish government role. 

``The Irish government is a co-equal partner with the British government and signatory of the Good Friday Agreement and should be upholding Irish national interests and the rights and entitlements of all Irish citizens.

``Some of Mr. McDowell's comments make John Bruton sound like Padraig Pearse. Republicans do not need him to interpret our position to Mr. Trimble. We can do that ourselves person to person.''

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