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2nd July 2003

Victims - Rights Commission fails to address state killings

Sinn Fein Victim's Spokesperson, North Belfast representative Gerry Kelly has welcomed the publication of the Human Rights Commission report on victims but expressed concern at the failure to research the issue of state killings.

Mr. Kelly said:

``The Human Rights Commission identifies the need to meet the many and varied needs of victims. This may require a judicial response, a truth response, acknowledgement or resources. This is welcome.

``However, the Good Friday Agreement and the Joint Declaration specifically deal with the issue of acknowledging there is no hierarchy of victims. This report fails to adequately deal with the victims of the British government policy of killing citizens.

``The European Court of Human Rights, in its ruling yesterday, highlighted the failure of the British government to protect the rights of Pat Finucane. Article 2 of the European Charter of Human Rights demands action. The Human Rights Commission needs to address such issues in a comprehensive manner.

``A central component in addressing the needs of all victims is for the British government to commit to the full disclosure of all documents relating to state killings and collusion.''

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