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4th July 2003

Sinn Fein Leaders details on document found close to Spypost

Following the discovery of details on Sinn Fein Leaders, Martin Mc Guinness, Pat Doherty and Mitchel Mc Laughlin on a document found by a member of the public a Sinn Fein spokesperson called for the removal of the Spyposts on Derry Walls and Rosemount Barracks.

The Sinn Fein Spokesperson said:

``On Monday morning, June 30th a member of the Public found a document - a page out of a notebook - outside the Verbal Arts Centre which is only a short distance from the British Army Spypost at a spot on Derry Walls known locally as `Murderers Corner'. The document contained personal details belonging to Martin MC Guinness, Pat Doherty and Mitchel Mc Laughlin. The terminology of notations made alongside of car registration numbers and other information would signify that it originated from a British Security or PSNI source. The PSNI also have a presence in this post.

``This is a sinister development but unsurprising to republicans who are very conscious of the fact the British Intelligence war continues unabated. But it does reinforce the contention that the reason for these posts in strategic positions in nationalist areas throughout the six-counties is to facilitate the collection of intelligence on members of our community - information that invariably ends up in the hands of unionist paramilitaries. Until the British government ceases to authorise such activity its claims to be committed to demilitarisation will be seen for the hypocrisy that it is.''

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