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7th May 2003

Media speculation over possible Stevens' charges

In reaction to media reports that two PSNI officers may be charged as a result Stevens Report, Sinn Fein Policing Spokesperson Gerry Kelly has re-iterated Sinn Fein's demand for the full publication of the Steven Report and an independent international judicial inquiry into the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane and other victims of state sponsored murder.

Mr Kelly said:

``The Stevens Report, or the fraction of it that has been made public, demonstrates the existence of the wholesale and systematic collusion of the British state with Unionist paramilitaries in the killing of citizens.

``The issue of state sponsored murder is one that is of the deepest and gravest concern to the public. The Stevens Report should be published in full. It is in the public interest. There should be no excuses.

``The Policing Board should not provide cover for Hugh Orde or anyone else who wishes to block the publication of the full report.

``Media reports suggesting that two serving PSNI members will be charged in relation to the Stevens Inquiry only reinforce the demand for full publication of the Stevens report.

``Sinn Fein fully supports the families who have lost loved ones as a result of a British state policy of colluding in the murder of citizens in their demand for an independent international judicial inquiry.''

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