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10th June 2003

Call for Joint Declaration action

Rejectionists cannot veto change


Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP today formally opened the new Sinn Fein office in Omagh. Speaking at the event, also attended by Pat Doherty MP, Michelle Gildernew MP, former MLA Barry McElduff, and many of the 15 Sinn Fein Councillors elected to Omagh and Strabane Councils, Party President Gerry Adams said:


``The internal politics of Unionism cannot disguise the deep crisis in the political process. Neither should it distract attention from the failure of the two governments to fully implement the Good Friday Agreement.


``Many of the issues which have to be dealt with are issues of rights and entitlements. They are summarised in the Joint Declaration. It is clear that Unionism is opposed to the Joint Declaration, It is also clear, over a month after the publication of the Joint Declaration, that the governments have done little about implementing it.


``They have to move beyond the rhetoric. Repeated pledges to bring in Irish language rights, a Bill of Rights, to fulfil the equality and human rights agenda, and much more, are no substitute for action.

  ``The indefinite cancellation by the British government of the elections has exacerbated an already totally unsatisfactory situation. It has encouraged the rejectionists within unionism to believe they can exercise a veto over change. They cannot. ENDS

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