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11th June 2003

Spending figures reveal a gross abuse of the political system

Sinn  Fein  Dáil  leader Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin TD has said the release of today's election  expenditure  figures  provided  further  evidence  that  this  current Government  scammed their election victory through a combination of massive over spending and a manifesto built on lies and deceit.  He said it was a gross abuse of the political system that needed radical reform.

``Today's  figures  confirm  what  most  of us witnessed during the last election campaign.   It  was  clear  to  every  man,  woman  and child in this State that ministers of the last Government, many of whom are ministers in this Government, were spending outrageous amounts of money to buy their re-election.

``That Ministers could have unwittingly spent tens of thousands of euro in excess of  the permitted amount is scarcely believable but unfortunately fits a pattern that  has  become  all too common with this arrogant and selfish Government.  We should  remember  that  these figures only cover the actual three-week period of the  election  campaign  itself.   They  do  not  take  into account the massive advertisement campaign the Government engaged in before the campaign was called. It  does  not  take in to account the massive and cynical 20% increase in public spending that occurred in the run up to the election - only to be cut as soon as victory was secured.

``Today's  report  provides further evidence that this current Government scammed their  election  victory  through a combination of massive over spending coupled with  a  manifesto  built  on  lies  and  deceit.   This is a gross abuse of the political  system  and  immediate  action  must  be taken to bring about radical reform  that  will  allow  for  a  level  playing field for all those contesting elections in the future.'' ENDS

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