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12th January 2003

Correspondence between City Manager and Minister must be made public

Sinn Fein Dublin City Councillor Larry O Toole has called for all correspondence between City Manager John Fitzgerald and the Minister for the Environment and Local Government Martin Cullen and all of the parties on Dublin City Council to be made public immediately. Cllr. O Toole said:

``Over the last number of weeks we have seen growing pressure on members of Dublin City Council to vote for the Estimates or see the Council dissolved and replaced by unelected and unaccountable Commissioners. Such a move would fundamentally undermine local democracy and is no better than the actions of the British government in collapsing the political institutions in the north against the wishes of the people.

``Bully boy tactics and threats have no place in the political life of this city and there is growing concern that once again a sordid back room deal, not in the interests of the people of Dublin, is about to be done. It is for this reason that Sinn Fein is calling for all correspondence in relation to the matter to be made public so that ordinary Dubliners are fully informed as to what is going on behind their backs.

``Sinn Fein remains absolutely opposed to bin charges as a solution to the waste management problems of Dublin and we are committed to having them overturned.''

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