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14th May 2003

Sinn Fein responds to Scapatticci Interview

Commenting after Freddie Scapatticci gave an interview to the media Sinn Fein representative Gerry Kelly said:

Last weekend, British Intelligence comprehensively briefed the British and Irish media. Faceless and nameless securocrats in British Intelligence made a raft of serious but unsubstantiated allegations against Freddie Scapatticci. This storm of accusations and allegations against Freddie Scapatticci has been accepted and repeated as fact by a large section of the media without question, without criticism. Mr Scapatticci has denied the allegations in categoric terms. These allegations were made by the same people who:

killed Pat Finucane;

ran Brian Nelson and used him and other agents to control and direct loyalist death squads against republicans, nationalists and Catholics;

continue to control and direct the unionist paramilitaries;

continue to target and gather intelligence, not just on Sinn Fein, but also on their own government;

at every turn of the peace process maliciously leak and brief misinformation to create crises and to bolster anti-agreement elements.

Even before these recent events, there was a clear need for full disclosure of the activities of these faceless and unaccountable agencies. That case is now over-whelming. The files must be opened up. There must be full disclosure.''

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