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15th July 2003

Auctioneers and Valuers show no social responsibility for housing - Morgan

Speaking following a presentation to the All-Party Committee on the Constitution by the Auctioneers and Valuers Institute (IAVI), Sinn Fein member of the Committee and spokesperson on Housing, Arthur Morgan T.D. accused the IAVI of having no sense of social responsibility.

Deputy Morgan said

``It is clear from the oral presentation which the IAVI made this morning that they have no sense of social responsibility. Their submission attacks the introduction of social and affordable housing and argues in favour of the liberalisation of property markets.

``This organisation used its presentation to the Committee to promote the interests of international investors over and above the interests of ordinary people who can longer afford to buy a house or pay rents in theprivate rented sector. The public should be aware that the IAVI is promoting the interest of wealthy property owners and has argued that individual landowners and speculators should not, in the interest of disadvantaged members of the community, be deprived of any of the inflated market price which they get for the land which they have hoarded.

``Ordinary citizens who find themselves at the mercy of speculators will be shocked at the IAVI's attitude which it could be argued is verymuch driven by the grossly excessive profits which their members have been making from rising house prices''

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