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17th April 2003

Maskey - Stevens Report goes to the heart of British military policy in Ireland

Sinn Fein MLA Alex Maskey, commenting on the publication of a summary of the Stevens Report today, has said that nothing less than a full international judicial inquiry into the murder of Patrick Finucane and the operations of British agents including Brian Nelson is required to get to the heart of British military policy in Ireland.

Mr Maskey said:

``The UDA attempted to murder me based on the operational objectives of British military/UDA agent Brian Nelson. My close friend Alan Lundy was murdered in my home as a result of collusion between the British military and loyalists.

``Sinn Fein has raised the issue of the British policy of collusion with Loyalists for many years. The role of the British military, through FRU and the RUC, through the Special Branch, controlled and directed loyalist death squads. This is not about rogue elements within the British system it is about a state policy sanctioned at the highest level.

``Sinn Fein supports the families of those killed in their demand for a full international judicial inquiry. Nothing less will get to the heart of British military policy in Ireland.

``This is not about individual cases or prosecutions it is about a state policy of killing its citizens.

``This was a state policy of brutalising and intimidating the nationalist population. Brian Nelson was just one of the agents used by the state to target nationalists and Sinn Fein activists and political representatives. He was just one part of a wider state policy.'' ENDS

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