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18th April 2003

Irish Government must demand full Stevens report from British

Sinn Fein TD Martin Ferris has today called on the Irish Government to demand a full copy of the Stevens report on Collusion. The Kerry North TD made his call following the partial publication of the report into collusion between the British Army, the RUC and unionist death squads yesterday. Deputy Ferris said:

``It is unacceptable that only a tiny portion of this report has been published. However it still abundantly clear from the limited information available that there was systematic, organised and ongoing collusion between British forces and unionist death squads over many years. This could only have happened with sanction coming from the very highest levels of the British political and military establishment.

``While I welcome the Irish Governments support for the families call for a full public inquiry I am calling on them to demand the full Stevens report from the British.

``It is time we got to the truth. Sinn Fein supports the families of those killed in their demand for a full international judicial inquiry. Nothing less will get to the heart of British military policy in Ireland.''

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