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18th May 2003

Publish Stevens report now

Sinn Fein Chairperson, Mitchel McLaughlin has called on the British government to publish the full contents of the Stevens Report.

Mr Mc Laughlin speaking in Derry today said: ``We have had a week of British Intelligence agency leaks and spin. It is time for the British government to come clean on the activities of its agents murky activities here over the past thirty years. Tony Blair needs to get control of his government s Secret Services and end their dirty war in Ireland. He must also put a stop to attacks on the Peace Process by these agencies leaking and spinning unverifiable allegations. A start would be the publication of the full contents of the Stevens report. The limited publication of just 15 pages showed conclusively that British Intelligence agencies were recruiting, training and equipping unionist paramilitaries for a murder campaign against the republican/nationalist population resulting in dozens of deaths, most of which were non-combatants.

If 15 pages of a 3000 page report revealed such an incriminating indictment of British government culpability in the murder of citizens what is in the rest of the report that would be so damning that it can not be published.

The full publication of Stevens will give us a proper assessment and help us prevent the activities of these faceless securocrats that are intent on undermining the peace process through selective leaking of unverifiable allegations. ``ENDS

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