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20th June 2003

Sinn Fein hits out at PSNI and British double standards

Sinn Fein Vice-President and West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty has hit out at the double standards of the British military and Policing establishment after the DUP's Peter Robinson was able to produce confidential PSNI reports in public without any fear of prosecution.

The West Tyrone MP said,

``On occasion after occasion members of the DUP are able to produce PSNI and British intelligence reports in public. The latest incident occurred only yesterday when Peter Robinson was able to produce a confidential PSNI report in relation to the killing of Billy Wright.

``Despite this repeated activity none of these people have ever been brought to book or challenged about their sources. If we compare this with the actions of the PSNI when they raided the Sinn Fein offices at Stormont with dozens of armoured Landrovers and armed PSNI officers, raids which I might add produced nothing.

``What is particularly worrying is that there are those within the DUP who have had links with members of Unionist death squads and have threatened the use of violence and yet there are able to obtain confidential PSNI and British army documents and use them without fear of prosecution. ENDS

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