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24th June 2003

DUP mob attacks Sinn Fein representatives

The car carrying Sinn Fein MP Martin McGuinness and party colleague Cllr. Philip McGuigan were this afternoon attacked by a loyalist mob outside Ballymoney Council Offices. The mob included at least three DUP Councillors.

Mr McGuinness said:

`` Philip McGuigan and myself were scheduled to meet a number of local groups in Ballymoney Council Offices this afternoon. On our arrival at the offices a crowd of around a dozen loyalists had obviously been made aware of my visit and began to attack my car. Stones and bottles were thrown and the mob kicked and punched the car. Serious damage was caused before we were able to get away.

`` Present with the mob were two local DUP Councillors - John Finlay and Ian Stevenson. These individuals have very serious questions to answer about this afternoon's incident. We hear the DUP lecture us on a daily basis about democracy yet they were involved with a loyalist mob attacking two elected representatives going about their work. They prevented local groups carrying out their business also.

`` It will be interesting to note what response this incident receives from the DUP leadership, particularly Ian Paisley who represents this constituency, and indeed other elected representatives in the area.'' ENDS

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