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27th May 2003

Sinn Fein Launch Collusion Document

Sinn Fein this morning launched a dossier entitled Who sanctioned Britain's Death Squads - Time for the Truth. Those attending the launch included Sinn Fein Policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly, Upper Bann Representative Dara O'Hagan, South Belfast Representative Alex Maskey and Donegal Councillor Padraig MacLochlainn.

Speaking at the launch Gerry Kelly said:

"Sinn Fein presented this dossier to the Taoiseach on Saturday morning. It details the involvement of the British government through its agencies - MIS, British Military Intelligence and Special Branch - in the murder of citizens across the island, These agencies continue to operate and are intent on destabilising the peace process.

"Sinn Fein has been highlighting these activities for years. These activities involve the manipulation, control and direction of loyalist death squads in the murder of citizens.

"In the past number of weeks these concerns have been heightened by the partial publication of Stevens, the spying incident involving leaked transcripts of conversations between Martin McGuinness and Downing Street, the British Intelligence briefings and unsubstantiated allegations concerning an alleged British agent in the IRA and the reports of UVF collusion with military and police personnel in the murder of citizens.

"The response of the British government has been predictable. They maintain their wall of silence, their obstruction of inquires, their failure to disclose information, their destruction of evidence and their refusal to investigate.

"The lid needs to be lifted and we need full disclosure. The people of Ireland are demanding the truth and the people of Britain have a right to know what was done in their name.

In summary Sinn Fein:

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