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28th May 2003

Taskforce urgently needed to tackle drug-related gun attacks following latest shooting in Dublin 12

Following  the  latest  shooting  incident in Rutland Grove, Crumlin, Dublin 12,local Sinn Fein TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh said:

``If this shooting or any of the other shootings in recent days occurred in otherareas of Dublin there would have been cries for a Garda Taskforce by politiciansof  all  shades. Because the shootings are once again in the Dublin 12 area, theauthorities don't seem concerned.  That is not good enough.

``The Dublin 12 area which includes Drimnagh, Crumlin and Walkinstown has one o fthe highest number of gun-related crimes and violent deaths. Most are related tothe huge drugs trade, which the State has never tackled affectively.

``I  call  for  a  taskforce  to be set up, to target and put out of business thedrugs gangs who have destroyed thousands of lives in this area and who have beenresponsible  for most of the violent deaths and shooting incidents in Dublin 12.There  is  urgency  in  this  call.  There have been three shooting incidents inCrumlin in as many weeks and while no shooting is justified, the assailants havetargeted uninvolved citizens and their homes lately.

``If  the  Minister  for Justice and the government spent half the time he spendspreaching  about  public  order offences and announcing gimmicks to counter themand  concentrated  instead on tackling drugs crime, which makes up a substantialpart  of  reported  crime,  and on preventative and rehabilitative measures, oursociety would be much safer for all.''

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