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29th April 2003

``No. 16 Moore Street must be preserved as building of immense historical value''

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP has joined the growing calls to have No. 16 Moore Street, the site of the 1916 surrender, preserved as a building of ``immense historical value''. ``It's part of our shared heritage and I would call on people to support the demand and engage in a national campaign to have this house saved from the demolition squad'', he said. Mr. Adams made his call after it was revealed that plans are at an advanced stage to have the building demolished to make way for a shopping development.

Mr Adams said:

``No. 16 Moore Street is a building of immense historical value. It unwittingly played host to one of the most significant events in Irish history. Having being prevented from retreating any further from the GPO the leaders of the Rising were left with no alternative but to surrender at the house. In any other country in the world with any appreciation of its history this house would be a national monument. It would and should be a treasured link with the past and this country's long struggle for independence.

``Unfortunately there is a long and sorry history in the 26 Counties since the foundation of the State of officialdom neglecting our national heritage and kow-towing to developers and property speculators whose only interest is profit. During the eighties there was numerous cases of buildings of national significance being demolished or being allowed to fall into complete disrepair. The United Irishman leader Lord Edward Fitzgeralds house in Blackrock was one such case where now there is now only a lump of granite hidden behind bushes with a small plaque on it to mark the man and his connection to the area. And only through the dedication of a group of private individuals the Pearse family home on Pearse Street would have gone the same way. Instead we now have a fine building of not only historical importance but of social, political and cultural value also. However it is shameful that this initiative had to be left to private individuals to undertake.

``It is not beyond the realms of possibly or the imagination of the designers of the new shopping area planned for Moore Street to incorporate the old No. 16 Moore Street house.

``I would like to support my Dublin City Council colleagues Nicky Kehoe, Christy Burke, Larry O'Toole and Dessie Ellis in calling for the building to be preserved. I would also like to acknowledge and welcome the cross party support that exists in Dublin for it's preservation. This is part of our shared heritage and should be protected. I would call on people to support the demand and engage in a national campaign to have this house saved from the demolition squad.'' ENDS

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