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29th May 2003

Eddie Fullerton's family deserve the truth

Time for full disclosure on collusion

Donegal Sinn Fein Councillor Padraig MacLochlainn, has called for the truth to be revealed on the events surrounding the murder, by unionist paramilitaries, of party Councillor Eddie Fullerton.  He called for full disclosure by the British government on collusion between its agencies and unionist paramilitaries and a full investigation into the conduct of the Gardaí. (Cllr. MacLochlainn was speaking in relation to Thursday nights Insight investigation into the murder of Eddie Fullerton)

Cllr. MacLochlainn said:

``Sinn Fein County Councillor Eddie Fullerton, was murdered in his home in Buncrana, County Donegal on 25 May 1991. Like Eddie Fullerton's family, Sinn Fein does not believe that the Garda Síochána has carried out a proper investigation into his murder. Given the web of corruption in the Gardaí in Donegal, over an extended period of years, and now being exposed daily at the Morris Tribunal, we believe their conduct in this case must be thoroughly examined.

``There are many unanswered questions about the murder of Eddie Fullerton. Most relevant to the Morris Tribunal is the conduct of the Garda investigation - to the extent that there was a Garda investigation at all. Eddie's family point out that on the one hand a comprehensive forensic examination of the scene of the murder was not carried out. On the other hand the Gardai took away notebooks, cassettes and other material from Eddie's home and car immediately after his death in a manner indicating an investigation of the victim, not of his killers.

``It is of grave concern that at least one Garda now under scrutiny and facing very serious allegations before the Morris Tribunal was himself centrally involved in the investigation of the murder of Eddie Fullerton.

``This is even more alarming when we place it in a wider context. There is growing evidence that like virtually all attacks claimed or carried out by unionist paramilitaries in this jurisdiction, the murder of Eddie Fullerton could not have been carried out without collusion from British forces.

``The Fullerton family deserves the truth. We support their demand for an inquiry and we call on the Minister for Justice to act.''

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