The Economy
A Future for Everyone

Putting People First

Sinn Fein's overall objectives for economic policy in Ireland are to provide sustainable and dignified livelihoods for all its citizens; to develop economic resources, human and material, to their fullest; and to create an economic base which reflects the social and cultural values of all the Irish people and which fulfils their material needs and aspirations.

While wealth is undoubtedly being created in this state, the reality of the Celtic Tiger is that ordinary people and whole communities both urban and rural still endure entrenched unemployment, poverty, multi-faceted disadvantage, social exclusion and endemic inequalities. We have also faced the consequences of the litany of financial scandals that taints both public and private sector business.

Eliminating Inequality

Increasingly we have seen the acceptance of the growing economic division and the development of a low wage economy of `yellow pack' jobs and temporary employment schemes. This is not the inevitable shape of the Irish economy.