Introductory letter from Gerry Adams MP

A Chara,

As we approach the new millennium, we need to consider what we expect as a nation. Are we to accept the continuation of division in our society, between north and south, east and west, young and old, wealthy and poor, men and women ?

Or should we not, instead, embrace a vision for the future which puts people first and seeks an end to the divisions which diminish us as a nation ?

Our vision is of a future in which people are united, in which there are no borders and no limits on progress towards a just society based on equality, respect for difference and the protection of the weak and vulnerable.

Our vision is of a future where communities are empowered to take greater control over developments which effect their lives.

Our vision is of a future in which people, whatever their social or economic status, feel that they are part of a Nation which accords them opportunity, dignity and the right to participate in the processes of power which effect their lives. It is a republican vision.

Sinn Fein is a party committed to real social, economic and political change. Play your part in creating change and in strengthening the nationalist position in peace negotiations by voting Sinn Fein No. 1 on June 6th.

Is mise,
Gerry Adams MP