A New Opportunity for Peace

This general election could be the last of the twentieth century. It will be a historic election in many ways as it will set the pattern for government in this state as it enters the next century.

For Sinn Fein the priority is the establishment of a just and lasting peace. The conflict in the north and the continuing divisions in our country have had a profound effect on the political, social and economic life of the 26 Counties. The prize of peace has dividends for all of the Irish people.

A new opportunity for peace exists. The election of two Sinn Fein MP's, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and the results of the council elections in the north have strengthened Sinn Fein's hand in pursuing our strategy for peace and will have an impact far beyond the constituencies they represent. 40% of northern nationalists have endorsed Sinn Fein's peace strategy and our commitment to achieving peace.

This election provides a further opportunity to strengthen the voice of nationalist Ireland by endorsing Sinn Fein's analysis and electing Sinn Fein TD's.

The great hope and expectation of August 1994 was dashed by 18 months of stalling by a British government which put the short term survival of the Conservative government before peace. John Major sold out the peace process to buy unionist support at Westminster.

The status quo in the north, illustrated by the events at Drumcree cannot continue.

There is an alternative. There can be a peace settlement worked out through real negotiations which address the issues of concern to all parties.

There is a new government in Britain. That Labour government, with it's clear majority holds the hope that the peace process can be rebuilt on an inclusive basis.

The new Irish government will also have a vital role to play in making this opportunity for peace a reality. They must avoid at all costs the mistakes of the last number of years.

Having Sinn Fein representatives in Leinster House will ensure that Sinn Fein will be part of those negotiations. We seek your support in our efforts to end conflict for good and to go into the next century with a Ireland united and at peace.

A vote for Sinn Fein is a vote