Water Charges

The decision to abolish urban water charges and to introduce a subsidy for the provision of domestic water supply for water schemes is welcome. Service charges are an inequitable method of raising tax as they are in no way related to the ability to pay.

Since the inception of this form of double taxation Sinn Fein has consistently opposed these charges at Council and community level and have worked with many groups seeking their abolition. The Federation Of Group Water Schemes, the Federation of Dublin Anti-Water Charges and the many community groups who campaigned against water rates deserve the real tributes and congratulations for the removal of this tax. Sinn Fein re-iterate our support for equality of treatment of all citizens, whether urban or rural resident

The crisis over service charges is a symptom of the political vacuum that exists in local government. The refusal of central government to regulate for effective representative and empowered local government is the real problem that needs to be tackled.

Sinn Fein calls for: