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18th January 1999

Young People Angry at Stagnation in Process

Speaking at a Press Conference in Dublin this morning Ógra Shinn Fein National Organiser Matt Carthy said that young republicans were increasingly disillusioned and angry at the way in which the peace process has been allowed to stagnate. He called on the British government to fulfil its responsibility and to bring forward the immediate formation of the executive and all-Ireland Ministerial Council.

Matt said:

``Yesterday's meeting of young republican activists from throughout the country was positive and constructive but there was disillusionment and anger at the manner in which the peace process has been allowed to stagnate. Young people were highly critical of the behaviour and attitude of David Trimble and also of the fact that the British Government has failed to ensure that the process moves forward in the way stipulated in the Good Friday Agreement.

``Activists were concerned that David Trimble is being internationally rewarded for his role in an Agreement which he is now refusing to implement.

``They called on the two governments to be pro-active in moving the process forward. Young people must see what we voted for last May becoming a reality. We did not vote for a stand alone six county assembly or a continuation of the status quo. We want to see the formation of the executive, the establishment of a new policing service, equality, all-Ireland institutions, an end to Orange marches through areas without the agreement of residents, etc.

``It was agreed that Ógra Shinn Fein would continue to campaign on issues that effect young people in six counties particularly the need for the disbandment of the RUC, who are currently undertaking an ongoing campaign of harassment at a local level while engaging in a media sweetening exercise internationally.''

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