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19th January 1999

Sinn Fein welcomes Tallaght parade honour for Peace Process figure

Sinn Fein's Seán Crowe has warmly welcomed the appointment of Belfastman Reverend Dr Roy Magee as Grand Marshal of the Tallaght St Patrick's Day Parade in recognition of his role in the Peace Process.

Dr Magee acted as an intermediary with loyalists. Father Alex Reid, who liaised with republicans. is unable to attend the event because of previous commitments.

Applauding the nomination of Dr Magee, Seán Crowe said:

``Both Dr Magee and Fr Reid played crucial roles in bringing us towards what could be a credible and durable peace in Ireland.''

As secretary to the Sinn Fein mission at the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation, and a key Dublin figure involved in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement, Mr Crowe added:

``The Peace Process was created and sustained by the commitment of people from all walks of life, but without the tireless and single-minded commitment of figures such as Dr Magee and Fr Reid, the Good Friday Agreement may not have become a reality at all.

``I welcome this honour for Dr Magee, Fr Reid and all the unsung heroes who worked so hard and risked so much to achieve this historic opportunity for peace.''

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