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23 January 1998

McGuinness responds to UFF statement

Statement from Sinn Fein's chief, Martin McGuinness responding to the UFF statement:

Describing the statement as `` an affront to the relatives of those innocent catholics who have been killed'' Mr McGuinness said:

``Many people will be sceptical about todays statement. It is a spurious attempt to justify a litany of murders involving a number of loyalist gangs going back over an 18 month period during which 19 people , 14 of whom have been catholics, have been killed by loyalists.''

Mr Mc Guinness angrily attacked the role of the RUC Chief Constable ``whose lack of honesty contributed to the killing and wounding of catholics.''

``The RUC Chief Constable was forced to admit what everybody knew, that the UFF were catholics. If it is a genuine halt to the killing campaign many people will now ask if it could have been ended earlier and lives been saved, if the RUC Chief Constable had not delayed in identifying the involvement of the UFF.

``There is deep anger among nationalists that the UDP was given political cover to remain in the talks ,catholics died and the British government succumbed to this pressure. This is an intolerable situation.

``There is widespread concern among nationalists that having successfully achieved their immediate political goals that the next time unionists want to exercise a veto in the talks that the killing machine will be turned on again.

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