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26 January 1998

UDP decision has not defused crisis

Responding to today's statement from the two governments regarding the UDP, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said:

``This decision will not diminish the sense of apprehension among the nationalist people. The crisis has not been defused. There is still a huge question about the British govrnments delay in dealing with this issue. Why did the RUC fudge the identity of of the group responsible for these killings? This is an issue which London must face up to.

``Everyone knows that these killings are aimed at preventing the fundamental, political and constitutional change which peace and justice require. The governments must create confidence that they will not be deflected from this.

``Dialogue offers the only way forward. It must be inclusive and the agenda must be comhrehensive dealing with all of the issues. There must be progress also outside of the talks. The onus is on the two governments, and particularly the British government, to ensure this.

``The reality is that after almost 6 months the loyalists and unionist approach remains one of partial engagement, designed to prevent progress and minimise the potntial for change.

``The UUP cannot wash their hands ofwhat is happening on the ground. It is they who have created the vacuum. Mr Trimble's refusal to talk sends a potent signal which at its most extreme end leads to the killing of catholics.''

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