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2nd February 1999

RUC colluding in Loyalist attacks on Garvaghy Road

Sinn Fein Assembly member Dr. Dara O'Hagan has accused the RUC of colluding with Loyalist mobs in their attempts to intimidate the residents of the Garvaghy Road.

Dr. O'Hagan said:

``Tonight the RUC were nowhere to be seen as loyalists once again attacked residents on the Garvaghy Road. This attack resulted in a number of people having to leave their homes and at least one person being taken to hospital.

``When they did arrive the RUC seemed more intent on provoking nationalist residents than they did in dispersing the illegal siege which has continued against the people of the Garvaghy Road since July 5th last year.

``The RUC only take action if they perceive that the residents are likely to react. And then the action is directed against the residents. This state of affairs has to stop. These attacks must stop.

``David Trimble can nolonger be allowed to evade his responsibilities. He must use his considerable influence with his brethren in the Orange Order and have this intimidation stopped immediately. If these attacks, which are being orchestrated by the Orange Order, are allowed to continue, it is only a matter of time before a local resident gets seriously injured or killed.''

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