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7 February 1996

Adams urges renewed effort for peace

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams speaking on the first anniversary of the end of the IRA cessation said:

``I deeply regret the ending of the IRA cessation last February and the two deaths which resulted on that night.

``Had the British government had the political will to keep to its commitments; if Mr. Major had anchored the cessation and developed it into a real peace process, then there would be a totally different situation today.

``Despite all this and the many wasted opportunities of the last few years, there is, even now a chance for Mr. Major to resolve the situation. He should make peace in Irealnd an urgent and immediate priority and authorise meetings with officials to seek ways to close the gap between the propositions which John Hume and I put to him last October and the British governments position.

``It is my firm view that the efforts for peace don't have to be put on hold until after the election; that it is still not too late to rebuild a credible peace process and that progress is still possible if John Major is prepared to go the extra mile for peace''. ENDS

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