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9th February 1999

Bar attack raises questions

Statement from Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness on the latest in a series of attacks by loyalists in the area.

Mr. McGuinness said:

``Last night's attack on McNally's bar is the latest in a series of attacks carried out by loyalists in the Mid-Ulster area. It was clearly an attempt to kill and maim a large number of local nationalists. I would urge all nationalists in Mid-Ulster to remain vigilant in the days and weeks ahead.

``It is almost ten years to the day since my party colleague Councillor John Davey was killed by loyalists in this area. Last nights attack is a reminder that there are still people and groups intent on trying to wreck the peace process.

``The use of a grenade in this attack is a worrying development. A consignment of such devices was smuggled from South Africa for use by loyalist groups during the eighties. The recently formed Orange Volunteers now have access to the South African arms cache.

``There has never been a satisfactory investigation into the activities of British Military Intelligence involvement in these matters, and in particular the role of Brian Nelson. The result of this failure has been a countless number of attacks on nationalists throughout the six counties resulting in many deaths. Last nights attack is another.''

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