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23rd February 1999

Sinn Fein Rally at City Hall

End the Unionist Veto - Implement the Agreement

Sinn Fein is organising a rally to Belfast City Hall on Sunday 28th February. The rally will assemble at various points in the north, west, south and east of the city and march to the centre for 3pm. The main speaker will be Sinn Fein Chairperson and Assembly Member for Foyle Mitchel McLaughlin. The theme of the march will be ``End the Unionist Veto - Implement the Agreement''.

Speaking before the march Mr. McLaughlin said:

``The overwhelming majority of people in Ireland voted for the Good Friday Agreement. They voted for a package of measures which were agreed by all the parties who signed the Agreement. They voted for the Agreement in full.

``There must be no preconditions contained within the Agreement. The institutions must be formed. We cannot go back to where we have all come from. No one can allow the Good Friday Agreement to collapse. What we need now is a good faith engagement from all those involved. We have already seen the deadline for the formation of the shadow executive missed due to Unionist stalling and prevarication.

``As we enter what is the most crucial phase of the peace process for some time it is essential that the deadline of March 10th for the formation of the executive and All Ireland implementation bodies is not missed. We must not allow unionist stalling to prevent this deadline being missed. ``It is time to end the unionist veto and implement the Agreement in full. Sinn Fein's mandate must be respected. 175,000 Sinn Fein voters cannot be silenced. We are calling on all those concerned to attend the rally on February 28th and demonstrate for an end to the unionist veto.''

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