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16 March 1999

Rosemary Nelson a beacon for truth and justice

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has spoken of his `shock' at the news of the car bomb attack that killed Human Rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson in the North of Ireland today:

Mr. Adams said:

``Rosemary was a beacon for truth and justice. Like Pat Finucane before her she fought against state injustice and in particular the excess of the state police- the RUC. For this she has been threatened for many times. The people who killed Rosemary Nelson are the same people who killed solicitor pat Finucane and law student Sheena Campbell, a native of Lurgan, like Ms Nelson.

``She also vigorously defended the nationalist residents of the Garvaghy Road who have been under loyalist siege for almost one year and represented the family of Robert Hamill who was beaten to death by a loyalist mob in full view of an RUC patrol.

``The attack on Rosemary nelson is an attack on the Good Friday Agreement, which proclaims the rights of citizens to live free from sectarian harassment.

``There is heavy onus on the two governments and all the political leaders to redouble our efforts to break the current impasse and move the peace process forward.

``There is a particular responsibility on David Trimble, the first Minister Designate, in whose constituency this murder happened. Mr. Trimble has refused to meet and talk to the residents and representatives of that small besieged nationalist community. He has refused to talk to his own constituents including Rosemary Nelson. After today's murder, Mr. Trimble must change this stance.''

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