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30th March 1999

Bomb attack attempt to murder family

Sinn Fein Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin has said that the bomb attack on the home of party colleague, Moyle Councillor, James McCarry was an attempt to murder the councillor's family. Mr. McLaughlin said:

``This is not the first time the McCarry home has been targeted. Just over a year ago an under-car booby trap device was placed under the family car. Only the vigilance of Mr. McCarry averted a disaster. Last night's attack was deliberately aimed at Mr. McCarry's family. He was not at home at the time and those who attacked the house would have known this as his car was not in its usual place. Furthermore, the room was used by Mr. McCarry's children. The attackers smashed the living room window first with a brick then threw the bomb. It exploded sending shrapnel across the room. Had there been anyone there they would have been seriously injured and possibly killed.

``These murder attempts on the McCarry family were no doubt carried out by the same organisation and was intended to cause injury or death to anyone in the house including James McCarry's wife and children.

``Given the tense political climate I would advise nationalists everywhere to be vigilant. This was the 90th individual attack on nationalist homes and businesses since March 1998. This number does not include the murder of the Quinn children, Rosemary Nelson, and RUC man Frankie O'Reilly nor the hundreds of nightly attacks on catholic homes in the Portadown area as a result of the activities of the Orange Order surrounding the Drumcree issue.''ENDS

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