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2nd April 1999

Impasse remains - Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP speaking this afternoon in Belfast said: ``The fact that the Hillsborough talks ended in an adjournment means that there was no agreement - no deal. that is a matter of disappointment. good work was done but the institutions are still blocked and the Agreement is stalled. It will take a huge effort to shift it.

Mr. Adams said:

``People are trying to understand the different signals coming at the conclusion of the Hillsborough talks, and the different pronouncements of the parties involved, could be forgiven for thinking the declaration was a `done deal', agreed by all of the participants to the discussions. Such confusion is unhelpful. Clarity is what is required. The Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister made it clear that the declaration was not an agreement between the parties but was a draft position between the two governments.

``The impasse remains, the institutions are blocked and the Agreement is stalled. Sinn Fein's position is very clear, and I spelt it out again privately during this weeks discussions and publicly at the adjournment. Any resolution of these difficulties has to be within the context of the Agreement. Sinn Fein have also made it clear, both privately and publicly, that we cannot deliver the demand for IRA weapons, no matter how this is presented.

``Despite these difficulties Sinn Fein will return to the renewed discussions in two weeks determined to see the full implementation of the Agreement.''

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