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7 April 1998

Document presents difficulties

Speaking at a press conference in Castle Buildings this evening, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP said:

``We have problems in relation to this document. It is quite clearly not a `green' document. Senator Mitchell made it clear last night that it presents difficulties for everyone and we have been engaged in meetings all day trying to get a better document.''

Commenting on the UUP stand today, Mr Adams said:

``It is time the Unionists faced up to reality.

``We are not impressed at today's antics. The reality is that there are those who want change, and we are among them, those others who are resisting change.

``I think the whole sense of the document which the chair presented early this morning was to focus in on how to agree and negotiate that type of change. We have made it clear that there are difficulties in this document for us.

``We have spent today engaging in bi-laterals with the two governments, with the chair, with the other parties in a constructive way to try and get a comprehensive settlement.

``I spoke to Mr. Blair twice last night, and the Taoiseach today. I believe this process presents a challenge to Mr. Blair.

``Mr. Blair needs to take leadership here. The Taoiseach needs to continue with his very focused approach and they both need to form a partneship to build a bridge out of this situation into and towards democracy.

``There is still a number of days to go before the deadline expires. I would hope that the UUP in that time will be persuaded by those in the British government who they are meeting to do business here with their fellow citizens.''

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