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16th April 1999

Agreement must be Implemented

Sinn Fein Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin speaking in Dublin today said:

``Today's Ard Chomhairle meeting comes at a critical time, just two weeks after the Hillsborough talks. There is enormous anger and frustration among nationalists and republicans at the developing crisis in the process, the responsibility for which lies at the door of the Ulster Unionist Party.

``Sinn Fein is for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. The only way out of the current crisis is for the two governments to take the lead, to focus on what is required in the discussions they have set for next week and to drive this process forward. That means no distractions, no diversions and back to working for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

``Mr. Trimble's remarks this morning will fool nobody and will only give succour to the anti-agreement camp. It is quite clear that it is Unionist intransigence and their use of the unionist veto which has prevented movement so far. We are now into the second year of the Good Friday Agreement with no real progress on the institutions and the continued refusal of David Trimble to honour his commitments.

``Sinn Fein's approach next week will be to engage positively and to urge the governments and the parties to adhere to the letter and the spirit of the Agreement.''

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