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21st April 1999

Adams announces Sinn Fein EU Election Candidates

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams speaking at the launch of the party's candidates for the forthcoming EU elections said: ``Sinn Fein looks forward to contesting this election and are confident of making major gains in both the European and local elections this coming June.'' Our candidates are Seán Crowe, Dublin, Mitchel McLaughlin, Six Counties, Martin Ferris, Munster, Sean MacManus, Connaught/Ulster and Arthur Morgan, Leinster.

Mr. Adams said:

``Sinn Fein is the only political party which will contest all five EU electoral areas in Ireland on June 11th. Sinn Fein's position is one of engaging with the European Union and its institutions in a critical manner. For republicans the question is about what kind of Europe we want and how best this can be achieved, particularly in relation to key policy areas - EMU, CAP, Agenda 2000, regional policy, the environment, and social inclusion. Sinn Fein are committed to:

This election comes at a crucial time both in the search for a lasting peace and in the development of Ireland's relationship with the rest of Europe. Sinn Fein wants to see a Europe that is representative of its people not the Europe of today that is dominated by the larger states and transnational companies in who's interests it acts.

We want to see Europe defending our democratic rights not eroding them. We want a Europe that will act collectively to promote equality across the EU in terms of the rights of women, children, disadvantaged communities, the aged etc.

Sinn Fein's vision is to transform politics on this island. This means both the achievement of Irish unity and Independence and the replacement of the old conservative politics which have dominated the political landscape in Ireland. This is our commitment in the upcoming elections.

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