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9 June 1998

Civil Service needs to be shaken up

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP responding to media questions this morning said the ``north's civil service, which is disloyal to its own government needs to be shaken up''.

Mr. Adams said:

``There has been a constant and consistent series of leaks. I think that yesterdays leak shows that the `permanent government' - the civil service - the people who have run this place for over 25 years, are resisting change. They are against the equality agenda, they are against changes in the status quo, they are against nationalists getting our full entitlements, and they are going to try to continue to resist change.

``We have to face up to the reality that the civil service needs to be shaken up. And these people who are disloyal to their own government, who are against the Good Friday agreement, need to be faced up to. That is a job for the British government but it is also a job for the rest of us.

Asked about claims by David Trimble that the Executive will not be in place before next February Mr. Adams said:

``The Agreement states that the various institutions, including the Executive and the all-Ireland bodies, should be put in place as soon after the election as possible. That does not mean the end of the summer, or the year, or next year.

``What is required of all of us, and this includes Mr. Trimble is that there is the comprehensive implementation of all of the issues contained in the Good Friday agreement - its a charter for change. It needs to be implemented right across the range of issues.

``Mr. Trimble knows this and his attempt to play to the No camp within his own broad constituency doesn't help the cause of peace and won't help anyone bring about a permanent peace settlement.

``Mr. Trimble knows there is going to have to be change. He has said Yes once. He needs to practicse it. He needs to say Yes to people in his own constituency being free from triumphalistic marches. He needs to say Yes to dialogue and Yes to building a future for all of the people of this island. As opposed to trying to `out-Paisley' Ian Paisley.''

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